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  • [COMING SOON] NEW Pre-Order Price on "Your Personal Wealth to Finances and Prosperity Reading" - 10$ OFF!

  • New Dream Interpretation readings -10$

  • 5 IN 1 Numerology Reading Only 35.99$~

  • Special Orders on anything one needs - Mail Me at: Azazels.marketplace@protonmail.com


Here you can find the Full Natal Chart Reading.

Extra Transits Service can be included in these readings for an extra price, for a limited amount of orders.

An extremely defined and fully informational reading - a full natal chart reading - is now temporarily available.

Due to some website expansions that are planned, I have decided to do some Full Astrological Orders. This way I can help people in an extremely detailed manner while also helping the projects  that are required to be done.


These orders will be prioritized and will be prioritized than any other orders as I have limited the amount I will accept will be limited at a time.

Date Of Latest Update - November 16th

Order Status:  - Closed Currently

**Those who have a discount code [2018 and prior customers] that is more than 10 USD can use this on these readings. Those who are entitled to this have received this by e-mail.

READING NOW UP: "Your Career, Work and Vocations" Only 49.99$!

I have had the time to include this all important reading. Due to time constrains and other pending orders, I will at first accept few orders in regards to this reading.


One's work, vocations, and purpose of service is extremely important. Career, Work and Vocations reading now AVAILABLE!

Due to time constraints I will accept 2-3 readings every so often

New Astro Reading: "Your Personal Way to Wealth and Finances" - Only 49.99$!

A reading that will touch on something very important, which is Finances and Wealth.


Anyone can attain wealth with the necessary knowledge and insight, and a wealthy life can be material or spiritual. It's important for everyone to know their personal ways to finances, and to focus on attaining material wealth aside spiritual wealth.

This reading will advise, guide and help without reservations and specifically for everyone who wants to improve themselves in that regards. Advancement in this area is a blessing.

The price on this reading is as such to help everyone and give everyone the ability to start or further their advances in this areas by getting the reading.

Pre Orders Will Begin In A Few Days

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