Even Stronger Security Measures

This Webstore is always taking further security measures to ensure total security for all our customers. Therefore all Communication mails have been moved to encrypted servers, to be even safer than ever before.

Your security is of the highest and most paramount importance for us.

We do not ask for any credit card information, through any of our own systems. You apply this through Pay Pal's encrypted systems, guaranteeing your security from anyone knowing any personal or financial information, except of course Pay Pal which is a globally trusted service for transactions and one of the most heavily encrypted on planet earth at this point.

The only data that we process is the data you submit with your own reading orders : Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth, and you can put a fake nickname as your name, as it is not a piece of data that deals with the nature of the reading. Your data is in other words, is processed anonymously. Paypal keeps track of other personal data, for which they secure completely as the most trusted payment processing service worldwide.


Any information given is only used to deliver your order, and is strictly forbidden to be shared in any way, shape or form. We are affiliated to no other company or entity, and never will be affiliated. 

All the orders are executed on a private, internet disabled computer, to maximize security.

The forms provided in this website, and any mails sent even to our support, are encrypted. Especially, if you yourself have an Encrypted mail account, this increases your security extremely further.

While many of these measures may not be necessary at all, we consider it important to be able to provide these for our customers, in the case they want to go into literal overdrive with their security. Admittedly, this is an overkill, but at the same time, our customers need to have this option, in the light of a quick changing world that values personal privacy less everyday.

Therefore, as of recently, the option to order the execution and writing of your reading(s) into a fully encrypted, external system with far safer operating system than Windows, while also running a virtual machine, is available.

Even without the fee, the orders will still be sent from Encrypted e-mail, on our behalf, guaranteeing a very high standard nonetheless. Consider it also yourself important to likewise have an Encrypted E-mail to avoid any data leakage.


The orders must be received on an Encrypted E-mail such as ProtonMail for this to be even safer, and this is on your behalf, to guarantee extra security from hackers and others who may accidentally hack into your e-mail.

Your security, anonymity, and personal information

is of vital importance to us and we will go at ANY lengths to protect our customers.

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Notice: Placing orders is always in consent to the refund policy and consent of data processing in accordance to fulfilling the necessities of the provided astrology readings/general services. These terms are accepted when readings are placed by the expressed will of a customer through the placing of an order.


ATTN: The Store is constantly receiving updates, and may undergo changes. All orders placed will be safe and will be delivered.