About The Store

This Webstore is created for a simple purpose: provide for the

Satanic Family, and all it's members, safely, beautifully, and securely.

Our desire is to provide the most exquisite, elegant and excellent products and services.

In this store you will find from Android Applications, to Books, to Services, to many other intresting things! Always keep an eye because there will be constant updates and new releases!

This will ensure that your experience in Spiritual Satanism will be better, easier, even more stylish!

The guaranteed integrity and loyalty to all of you is our motivator!


Browse the store and let us know what you think!


Refund Policy:


By placing an order on the website you do agree that you can request a refund for up to one day after your purchase, or one day/24 hours after your purchase.


Refunds can be requested through e-mail sent within the above time context, within the frame of 24 hours after ordering. The refunds will be done through Pay-Pal's secure system.

Refunds outside of the time frame above will not be issued, since the type of services provided cannot be leveraged through the threat of a refund based upon random reasons aimed at forcing the shop to issue the products purchased on your own "Time accord".


The above is consented by default when you place an order on the website. If you do not consent or agree with the refund policy then you are not obligated to place an order for any service provided on the website.

For more information contact us at : Azazels.Marketplace@protonmail.com