Dream Interpretation and Analysis Services:

Dream Interpretation Service

Dream Readings: "The Meaning of Your Dreams"

A deeply insightful look into

One or more dreams you consider of importance. The symbols in your dream, the hidden meanings, and their explanation in the material, mental, and spiritual realm, all done in a clear and personalized manner to help you understand them clearly.

This reading (If Astrological Data is provided) will also touch on the existence of potential in your spiritual powers pertaining to dreams.


*TIME OF BIRTH and Astrological Data helps a lot

*Availability for Communication is Mandatory (May require back and forth communication for extra details to analyze the dream fully)

*Executed and explained by High Priest Hooded Cobra 666,

*Length of reading is depending on the nature of the dream(s) and the amount of analysis. Minimum of 2 pages.

PRICE: ONLY 39.99 $
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